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10 bonnes raisons de choisir des draps en coton
Trouvez 10 bonnes raisons de vous procurer le set de draps en coton percale de la collection Bianca, autant pour sa douceur, sa qualité mais surtout pour les belles nuits que cette literie aura à vous offrir.
A good room temperature for a good sleep
In this article, you will find all the tips and tricks you need to optimize the temperature in your bedroom. Too hot or too cold, your sleep depends greatly on the surrounding heat and your bedding!
How to choose the right duvet?
The choice of a duvet is never a big deal and that is why we have created these sketches, dedicated to better guide your choice. In this article, you will find all the information you need to find THE* down...
The eco-duvet for a cosy winter!

What's recycled down? A recycled down filling is, as its name suggests, a natural recycled material. Down comes from the abdomen of birds such as ducks or geese. This material is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs because down has the ability to retain heat and wick away moisture. It is therefore an excellent choice for anyone who wants a durable, warm, breathable bedding that can be used in both winter and summer.

Goose down bedding for dreamy nights
At Dolce Bianca, our guideline is to offer you the most sumptuous nights. Why choose a natural white down or goose down duvet? Down has many advantages: it is highly breathable and is suitable both in summer and during the...
Plants and sleep: oxygenate your room and sleep better!
Photo credits : Pinterest Plants for the bedroom, good idea or bad idea? Did you know that there are many varieties of plants adapted to fit into your room? In addition to adding freshness to your decor, they can also...
Bedding and Linen Sizing Guide
The choice of your bedding and linen can be restrictive, especially when the dimensions are not clearly identified. To avoid any surprises, we strongly advise you to pay close attention to the dimensions of your bed so that you can...
Mon papa, ce héros du quotidien
À l'occasion de la fête des pères 2020, Dolce Bianca a conçu une collection "spécial Papa" proposant des oreillers aussi fonctionnels que durables, en mousse mémoire ou en bourre naturelle. Une fois dans votre drap, Papa ne pourra plus s'en passer!
Flo&Confettis: the irresistible boho room ♥
More than a meeting, it is a real "coup de coeur" that was created between Flore Tellier & Dolce Bianca. A relationship based on a willingness to support Quebec products but also to promote quality bedding. Come discover all the secrets of her new bedroom combining contemporary and boho!
How do I care for my bedding?
After reading this article, you will realize that bedding maintenance is no longer a chore but a well-being, and you are the first to benefit from it!
Serenity & gentleness: Audrey Morissette's choice ♥
While summer is barely beginning to dawn, the season is still conducive to cocooning, the soft warmth of our bed and an environment full of serenity. It is with this in mind that inspiring mother and entrepreneur Audrey Morissette has...
Sport and Sleep: Gym, Food and MY Pillow
Training is good. But sleeping well is even better and is your priority. Sleep is an often forgotten factor for athletes, but it is of the same importance as training and nutrition for many reasons: Who hasn't tried to learn...
Laura x Sara/Maya : le combo parfait pour le printemps!
Pour le printemps 2020, notre équipe de designers ont su flairer les tendances de demain. Autant dans un intérieur très épuré que dans une pièce plus petite aux couleurs beiges, laissez-vous emporter par le modèle de lit Laura x Sara,...
Le bleu est la plus belle des couleurs en 2020!
Comme chaque année, Pantone a dévoilé le mois dernier sa couleur phare de l'année. En 2020, c'est le Classic Blue qui est mis à l'honneur, un superbe bleu nuit aussi rassurant que familier! Ce profond bleu est alors LA* couleur...
It's cocooning time avec Bianca
Les nuits se rafraîchissent et l'automne pointe le bout de son nez... oh non! Pour l'occasion, l'équipe créative vous a concocté LE* lit le plus cosy et le plus douillet pour passer de douces et merveilleuses nuits. Enfin, on ne...