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We have chosen to provide our clients with our bedding expertise, which has been acquired and refined over time. We share with you the secret of our success and above all, we make them aware of certain industry pitfalls to avoid.


Merchandising is all the techniques ensuring the best commercial distribution of products, thanks to an adaptation of these, taking into account the desires of buyers and various elements of commercial strategy (packaging, distribution of products in sales areas).

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Frequently asked questions

I’m a designer, am I entitled to a discount?

We offer an exclusive partnership with the designers. To learn more, please contact manon@dolcebianca.ca to verify your eligibility and open an account.

I am a merchant and I would like your products in store

We are constantly looking to develop the Quebec and Canadian market. Contact us to make your request and look together at the products that could best match your market: manon@dolcebianca.ca

I’d like to see your products, how?

If you are looking for a store near you, contact us to find out if the retailer near you has the product in question. If not, it is always possible to visit our collection directly at our production warehouse in Montreal by appointment only. Please contact us by phone at 514 376-0356

Ready to join our big family?

Nous sommes à votre disposition et toujours à l'écoute pour vous conseiller et vous orienter au 514 376-0356 ou par mail à info@dolcebianca.ca