How to choose your duvet?

Choosing a duvet is not a simple matter. But thanks to Dolce Bianca's classification, you can become your own expert. Here’s how it works.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to find THE* duvet of your dreams, the one that will best suit your desires and needs for a soft night’s sleep. To guide your research, we have categorized our products as follows:



The “warmth” criteria is to be taken with caution. Duvets are naturally warm and they evacuate the moisture of the body, guaranteeing thermal comfort for everyone. But the overall feeling is personal as we all react differently. That is why we recommend that you also take into account the duvet breathability, indicated below.


All duvets have the ability to “breathe” and evacuate moisture. The finer the cotton in the shell, the more breathable the down. Which is why our Bianca Duvet, with its 380-thread-count satin shell AND down, is our collection’s most breathable cover. The duvets placed in the center (see below) have a good breathability, and we guarantee you a ton of peaceful nights ahead! As for our microfiber duvet, it may be made of synthetic material, which lightly diminishes its ability to evacuate moisture, but it is still the duvet our customers love!


The “fill power” is the ability of the stuffing to be airy, or more colloquially to be “fluffy.” The fill power depends on 2 factors: the type of filling and the number of ounces per square meter. Goose down, for example, naturally has a higher fill power than duck down. Microfiber, which is very similar to down, also has a high fill power due to its thinness and the amount of stuffing in the duvet.


Like fill power, a duvet weight depends on the type of stuffing and the number of ounces blown. It is important to note that the weight is more a question of feeling on the body and it does not influence the warmth of the duvet! We don’t need a lot of down to provide great warmth since down is naturally warm.


By using all the different criteria, you can now better choose the right duvet for you depending on the season.

Hopefully, this article was able to shed some light on your research. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone at 514 376-0356.