How to choose the right duvet?

The choice of a duvet is never a big deal and that is why we have created these sketches, dedicated to better guide your choice.

In this article, you will find all the information you need to find THE* down duvet of your dreams, the one that will best suit your desires and your needs for a soft night's sleep. We have thus thought of positioning our products according to several criteria:



Be careful, the heat is to be taken with care. Indeed, naturally, a down duvet is warm and has this ability to wick moisture away from the body very well to ensure thermal comfort. It also depends on each one of us, because we all react differently. So also take into account the breathability of a down duvet, a little lower down.


All duvets have this ability to "breathe" or wick moisture away. The finer the cotton in the shell, the more breathable the down will be, which is why the Bianca down with its down AND its 380 thread sateen shell is the most breathable down in the collection. The duvets placed in the centre have a good breathability, which will give you very pleasant nights, we guarantee it! Finally, because its fibre is synthetic, microfibre down is not as good at wicking away moisture: but don't worry, our customers love it!


The ability of the wadding to be airy or more colloquially "fluffy" is called "fill power". The swelling depends on 2 factors: the type of wadding and the number of eleven per m2. Goose down naturally has a higher fill power factor than duck down. Microfibre, which is very similar to down, also has a high fill power factor due to its fineness and the number of fillings in the duvet.


Like the fill power, the weight will depend on the type of wadding blown and the number of eleven blown. The weight is more a question of how it feels on the body and will not influence the warmth of the down! We don't need a lot of down to provide nice warmth because down is naturally warm.


By juxtaposing all the elements, we are thus able to better define which down is the most suitable for which season!

We hope that this article has helped you in your search.
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