The eco-duvet for a cosy winter!

"Mm, recycled down, I'm not sure!"

And yet you're wrong!
As a sales rep, I've often heard that recycled down is a dirty material, even "dirty". Many of you also wonder about the origin of this famous down, which remains no less intriguing! We wanted to break down the clichés and stereotypes we all have about this unloved down.

What is recycled down?

A recycled down filling is, as its name suggests, a natural recycled material. Down comes from the abdomen of birds such as ducks or geese. This material is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs because down has the ability to retain heat and wick away moisture. It is therefore an excellent choice for anyone who wants a durable, warm, breathable bedding that can be used in both winter and summer.

In very large, down looks like this: a kind of very light, airy, three-dimensional fluffy fluff that gives that fluffy effect to your duvet. That's what we call fill power.

Why recycle down?

Down is a natural material and despite being recycled, it never loses any of its properties. Unlike plastic, which does not have an infinite life cycle, because these properties weaken and break down as it is recycled, down has an infinite life cycle. It is therefore in our best interest to preserve this beautiful material and all its riches.

Recycled down does not come from winter: in ancient times, our ancestors had already identified the full potential of this material. When their duvet was too damaged (remember that at that time, the hygiene of life was different from ours...), they would tear their duvet to recover the down and mix it with new down to re-create a cozy duvet!

Today, we have based ourselves on the same principle of recovering and recycling "precious" materials, but with the addition of cleaning and sterilization technology worthy of our times... phew, what a chance!

Old farm housse - Aaron Spong

Where does the material come from?

Recycled down actually comes from all down-filled products. You know the duvets, pillows, cushions, sleeping bags, coats, etc... that you throw away in collections? It's the only source we have for recycling the material.

Each product is then carefully cut up and the stuffing is removed. Cleaned and sterilized, the down collection is then re-tested in the laboratory to ensure that it complies with health and hygiene regulations.

This cycle considerably reduces waste and makes a remarkable contribution to sustainable development and the recycling of "noble" materials.

Is it sure it's clean?

Since our foundation in 2003, we have been taming ourselves in Europe and especially in Germany. Indeed, it is in Europe that you can find the most beautiful duvets. Our German supplier puts the recycled down through a long cleaning and sterilization cycle and other laboratory tests. We could almost say that recycled down is even cleaner than new down due to the long re-sterilisation process. There is therefore no health risk and we guarantee it.

We invite you to discover the video made by the Patagonia company, which has been using recycled down for several years for its coat collection. A nice way to put images on our writings. Enjoy the video!

Why is it rare on the market?

Europe has been working with recycled down for several years. If a Canadian supplier wishes to procure this precious material, the road may be strewn with pitfalls. In fact, there are no suppliers of recycled down in Canada. Not that this is not possible and that we do not have the necessary resources, but Canada designates recycled down as a"second-hand item". A designation that makes our pillows scream in pain, as if this beautiful material was totally denigrated and rejected. Nevertheless, we want to reassure you that this stuffing is not a second-hand item and is indeed washed, cleaned, sterilized and tested before being inserted in your bedding.

Where can I get recycled bedding?

At Dolce Bianca, we offer 2 products made of recycled down:

Recycled down

Recycled European White Fluffy (600+ Fill power) ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads ◆ Shell Tiles Hermetic ◆ 2'' Thick


Le duvet recyclé de la collection Bianca

The recycled pillow

Recycled European White Duvet (600+Fill power) ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads


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