The eco-duvet for a cozy winter!

"Mm, recycled down, I'm not sure!"

And yet, you could be surprised! 
As a representative, I have often heard that recycled down is a dirty material. Many of you are probably wondering about the origin of this famous down, which remains very intriguing! Let me break the clichés and stereotypes here, the ones we often have about this unloved down.

What is recycled down?

A recycled down filling is, as the name suggests, a natural recycled material. The down itself comes from the abdomen of birds such as ducks or geese. This material is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs because down has the ability to retain heat and evacuate moisture. It is therefore an excellent choice for anyone who wants durable, warm, and breathable bedding that can be used in both winter and summer. 

Broadly, down looks like this: a three-dimensional flake, very light and very airy, which gives the fluffy effect of your favorite comforter. This fluff is called fill power.

Why recycle down?

Down is a natural material and despite recycling, it never loses its properties. Plastic, for example, is weakened by the recycling process as its properties breakdown. As such, its life cycle is not infinite. Down, on the other side, has an infinite life cycle. It is therefore in our best interest to preserve this beautiful material and all its riches. Recycled down is not new: in ancient times, our ancestors had already identified the potential of this material. When their down was too damaged (remember that at that time, hygiene was different from ours…), they tore their comforter to recover the down and mixed it with new down to re-create a cozy one! Today, we have adopted the same principle of recovery and recycling of “precious” materials, but we added a much needed cleaning and sterilization technology worthy of our time … (phew, a chance!)

Old farm housse - Aaron Spong

Where does the material come from?

Recycled down actually comes from all sorts of down-filled products. You know the comforters, pillows, cushions, sleeping bags, coats, etc. that you have donated? This is the only source we have to recycle the material. Each product is then carefully cut and the stuffing is extracted. Cleaned and sterilized, the down harvest undergoes further laboratory testing to ensure compliance with health and hygiene regulations.This cycle allows a considerable reduction of waste and contributes remarkably to sustainable development and recycling of “noble” materials.

Is it sure it's clean?


Since we started doing business in 2003, we have been sourcing our products in Europe and more particularly in Germany. Indeed, it is in Europe that we find the most beautiful down. Our German supplier puts the recycled down through an extensive cleaning and sterilization cycle and other laboratory tests. We could almost say that recycled down is cleaner than new down because of the long re-sterilization process. There is therefore no health risk; and yes, we guarantee it.We invite you to discover the video made by Patagonia, a company that has been using recycled down for several years for its coat collection. A nice way to put images on our writing. Enjoy your viewing!

Why can’t I find a lot of recycled down on the market?

Europe has been working with recycled down for several years. But if a Canadian supplier is interested in sourcing this valuable material, it can expect a rocky road since there are no suppliers of recycled down in Canada. Not that it isn’t possible and that we don’t have the resources, but Canada designates recycled down as a “Second Hand Item.” A designation that makes our pillows scream with pain, as if this beautiful material was totally denigrated and rejected. Nevertheless, we would like to reassure you that this stuffing is not a second-hand item and is well and truly washed, cleaned, sterilized, and tested before being inserted into your bedding.

Where can I get recycled bedding?

At Dolce Bianca, we offer 2 products made of recycled down:

Recycled down

Recycled European White Down (600+ Fill power) ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads ◆ Shell Tiles Hermetic ◆ 2'' in Thickness


Le duvet recyclé de la collection Bianca

The recycled pillow

Recycled European White Duvet (600+Fill power) ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads