Our vision of sleep

We are Domenico and Giuseppe, two brothers of Italian origin born in Montreal who were inspired by the long Canadian winters to develop the best duvets and pillows found anywhere in the world.

We founded the company in 2003 in Montreal producing cushions for local furniture stores. Since then, we have become a dynamic leader in the bedding, decorative and upholstery pillows and cushions market for thousands of retailers and institutional clients.

Our diverse and dynamic team is always on the lookout for fluffy duvets, the softest fabrics and the strongest fibres available on the market. Add to this the attention to detail and attentive service and you have the Dolce Bianca experience.

We believe in good consumption, quality purchases and accessibility of our products. But we believe even more in the sustainability of our products. It would be easy to simply throw away and buy again in case of small "hurt", but this is not part of Dolce Bianca's philosophy. That's why we make it a point of honour to guarantee you an after-sales service on all our products: we offer our know-how and experience to give new life to your purchases, whether in the construction of the product, in the zipper, in the sewing or other possible injuries. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.