How to choose your pillow?

Much like choosing a duvet, buying the right pillow is not always an easy task. Small, large, for side or stomach sleepers, hypoallergenic or natural, soft or firm… So many characteristics that are difficult to evaluate from a photograph and a description on your screen. 

In this article, we will define for you what the key characteristics of a good pillow are according to your needs, followed by different comparisons of Dolce Bianca’s products to help you make a sound decision.


1. Your pillow stuffing

There are different types of stuffing usually divided between natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers include down and feathers, while synthetic is made of microfibers and memory foam. Each fiber has its own properties. And each fiber also has advantages and flaws, but that’s what makes them different and authentic.

Microfiber’s texture is very similar to down. Although it is a synthetic fiber, its exemplary finesse “copies” the softness and feel of down, but without the allergies.

Must: microfiber is very airy!

Duvet is the plumage found on the breast of ducks or geese. It is a very airy, very fine, and highly breathable fiber. Popular for its durability and its cloud-like feel, down does not sag and offers unparalleled softness.

Feathers, on the other hand, is a natural fiber found under the wings of the bird. It is denser and therefore creates a stronger sensation of density than down.

Memory foam is, as its name indicates, a foam that is designed to perfectly envelop the shape of your head and neck, while being soft and light. The comfort offered by the Serene technology is based on thousands of air bubbles that wick away moisture and effectively eliminate pressure points on your neck.

2. Your pillow firmness

A firm pillow is said to give you a deeper sleep.

Legend? The fact remains that a pillow with a certain firmness gives a perfect alignment to your body. A bad position creates micro-awakenings because your body has a feeling of discomfort and seeks the best posture. A good pillow will offer you more regular sleep cycles, helping you feel more rested … (and in a better mood :))

A Serene memory foam pillow offers a high density and therefore a perfect alignment between your head, your neck, and the extension to the spine. And this is how you can help your body relax 100%.

Pillows filled with feathers, a relatively firm fiber, such as the Dulcia pillow or the Bia pillow, are great alternatives to the memory foam pillow. The density of the feather supports your body, while the down around it offers incredible comfort and cloud-like softness.

Down, 100% natural, is fluffy, airy, and soft filling, giving a semi-firm feeling. And with this excellent support comes a touch of airiness. These pillows are very similar to those you would find in a hotel. And what could be better than the comfort of hotel bedding under your roof? For a hotel-like pillow, we recommend the Bia Pillow, the Recycled Pillow, or the sumptuous Bianca Pillow made of incredibly soft, high-end goose down.

Finally, microfiber is the synthetic cousin of down. Microfiber pillows are also very soft, but less dense, offering a soft and supple effect and great comfort.

Note that the Bliss Pillow is soft but very high due to its unique grid construction.

You will also notice that the Bia Pillow finds its place in all the firmness scale: and that’s because it’s an adjustable pillow. You can access the central feather core and remove/add feathers to play with the density of your pillow :)

3. Your pillow height

Did you know that your morphology also plays a role in the choice of a pillow? Indeed, the alignment of your body will determine whether you need a flat or a super fluffy pillow, to offer you the best night possible. Ideally, your pillow should be perfectly aligned with the height of your neck, about 4 in.

That being said, more generally, we tend to favor a soft pillow for a small or very thin person so that the fiber envelope gently accommodates your neck.

For more averaged people, M or L, semi-firm or firm pillows are usually better simply because the pillow will provide better support.

Finally, firm pillows are best suited for larger people for maximum support!

Again, this is a theory made from observations and experiences. We are not making any generalizations. Everyone is different and that’s what makes our world so beautiful!

4. Your sleeping position

Last but not least, the sleeper’s position.

SIDE SLEEPER: A firm pillow

Go for a pillow with a nice firmness to perfectly align your neck with your spine. Your body will be relaxed and the nights will be more peaceful.

BACK SLEEPER: A firm to semi-firm pillow

Back sleepers make up the majority of the population. We recommend choosing a semi-firm pillow, which will offer a softness for the nape but enough firmness not to make the head sway. If your pillow is not dense enough, your head risks “falling backwards,” causing a lot of discomfort.

BELLY SLEEPER: A soft pillow

For belly sleepers, including the ones that sleep directly on the mattress (hello, I’m one of those strange people!), you should look for a soft and little-inflated pillow, to avoid your head from lifting towards the back.