The advantages of using a mattress protector

Are you a fan of cleanliness and are you especially fond of products that have a long life cycle?

In this article, you will find the advantages of investing (at low cost) in a protection for your mattress: the Mattress Protector!

Let’s start by explaining why you should get this item, and why as soon as possible.

I’ll give you 4 reasons:

1. Your mattress protector is very discreet and synonymous with comfort.

When the very first mattress protectors came out, they were not favorites: very noisy because of the materials used, not very comfortable or even hard … but rest assured, this dark time for the mattress protector is over!

Our Bianca mattress protectors offer only advantages … or almost (you know, because nobody is perfect!).

Designed to remain silent, it will not alter your sleep, on the contrary: with its cotton stuffing, this protector will give you a feeling of softness and absolute comfort. Long nights of deep sleep await you.

Don’t forget it though! The mattress protector still needs to be cleaned in the washer every 3 to 4 weeks.


2. Your mattress protector protects against allergies and dust mites.

Dust mites are the main culprits of our allergies and of symptoms such as rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, etc. They feed on the dead skin present in our bed, the one we lost during the night. Our sheets and especially our mattress are the ideal place for the long life of bugs! Moreover, when we move at night, we move dust around, the first reasons for asthma and allergies. Finally, if you are also an animal lover, your faithful friends also bring a lot of germs responsible for the presence of micro-organisms.

A breathable product that offers air circulation, moisture evacuation, a hypoallergenic guarantee, and a barrier against liquid: these are the 4 criteria that our mattress protector offer. This will certainly minimize discomfort and give you healthier nights.

Don’t forget to air your room every morning for at least 2 minutes to remove accumulated humidity and kill germs. For more protection, I advise you to wash your sheets every 2 weeks: this will guarantee the absence of food for all the mites that love them!

3. Your mattress protector… Simply protects your mattress!

Each night, we can lose up to 1.5 liters of sweat.

All this moisture, in addition to wetting the covers, can eventually damage the mattress. Without protection, it would not be surprising to see rings appear on the surface of your mattress, not to mention the possible mold trapped inside.

Hello smells! Hello to this investment!

Using a mattress-protector will allow you to extend the life of your mattress … and to protect it in general. You protector is there as much to prevent mildew as to protect your mattress from everyday “accidents.” You will now be able to enjoy your coffee and juice tucked in your bed, without fear of damaging it by a possible liquid fall.

4. Your mattress-protector makes maintaining easy

Last but not least!

Our mattress protectors are by far the easiest products to maintain in our shop. Just put them in the washer and start a hot water cycle, at about 60 degrees. Then put them in the dryer. All our mattress protectors are designed not to crack or even shrink.

In short: the mattress protector is a functional, durable, and timeless product!

Enough to sleep peacefully! :)