Goose Down Bedding for Dreamy Nights

At Dolce Bianca, our guiding principle is to offer you the most sumptuous nights.

Why choose natural white down or goose down?

Down has many advantages: it is very breathable and suitable for the heat of summer and the cold breath of winter. How? Down comes from the bird’s abdomen. It is naturally designed to provide a continuous protection from the rain (allowing the bird to keep warm), as well as to be very breathable to evacuate away moisture generated in flight.

A quality duvet can last you a lifetime: indeed, the benefits of a good duvet do not fade with time. It is an eternal material. Down is also naturally inflated, so just shake your duvet from time to time when you think it’s sagging a bit. A duvet can also be washed, but we recommend leaving it in the hands of a professional to avoid breaking up that airy stuffing and creating clumps.

The down filling is also pleasant because it is very light and very breathable. As mentioned above, down has an incredible capacity to evacuate air. People who suffer from nighttime heat will see their discomfort go away. You should also know that an ounce of down produce 3x more heat than an ounce of polyester!

Finally, it is important to mention that the down offered by Dolce Bianca is Down-Pass certified. This certification aims to guarantee that the stuffing is not the result of mass breeding, cruelty, or raw plucking on the animal. NO! The down actually comes from a “secondary” market, the food market. Therefore, there is no cruelty done to the animals to harvest the down.

Dolce Bianca offers you the sumptuous Bianca duvet: designed in Montreal, with 100% white European goose down, and wrapped in a 380-thread count cotton shell for incredibly soft and warm nights.


Highly sought after by those who value warmth, comfort, and durability, goose down is a precious material. Particularly loved for its extreme swelling and lightness, goose down is a very beautiful, noble stuffing that will undoubtedly seduce you! Certified Down-Pass, the down is imported from Europe, more specifically from Germany. Unlike what you find on the market, the Dolce Bianca duvets are made of 100% down, and not a mixture of different materials. This purity of material offers you comfort, warmth, and incomparable quality.

Goose down fill power has been taken to the extreme to give you an incredibly puffy down called 825+. Few companies offer a fill power of this value: this achievement is the result of a long work of research and experimentation.

Finally, the price is justified by the rarity of the product (because yes, only mature birds produce the best down!), the sumptuousness of the material, the high-end character of it, as well as the sublime nights that the down will provide you throughout your life.

Convinced that a goose down bedding is the only thing missing in your life?

Discover the sumptuous Bianca down, a 100% Quebec product, new on the market!