A good room temperature for a good sleep

In this article, you will find all the tips and tricks you need to optimize the temperature in your bedroom.
Did you know that the quality of a night's sleep plays on many factors: food, sport, coffee consumption, but also stress, hormones... and the temperature!
There is a real relationship between the temperature of our room, our body temperature and the quality of our sleep.

1- Sleep/temperature relationship

Yes! This relationship, as well as strange, is very present. For proof: who has never been woken up in the middle of the night by the cold, after losing his duvet or because his better half has stolen it? On summer evenings, who has never had trouble falling asleep? It's only by talking about it that this relationship, often forgotten, seems obvious to us.
The body regulates its temperature constantly. In fact, we lose 1.5 degrees when we fall asleep. This is managed by our brain and more particularly by our hypothalamus. Falling asleep is done because the body thinks of the optimal conditions for sleep. But, if this regulation does not take place, we find it difficult to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Thus, in an environment that is too hot or too cold, this regulation will be disrupted and sleep will suffer.

2- Listen to your body!

You could say that there is a magic number but it depends on each one.

In a room that is too hot, you will feel dizzy when you wake up, often with headaches and sometimes even discomfort. The ideal would therefore be to lower your room temperature.

In a room that is too cold, your muscles constantly stiffen to produce heat, which particularly affects the quality of your sleep. Dare to raise the room temperature by 1 degree.

NB: Bear in mind that sleeping with a person generates heat! The same is true if you share your bed with your pet.

Thus, the ideal night temperature, in theory, would be 18 degrees Celcius, or 64.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A perfect temperature to adequately regulate your hormones but also for the best breathing and therefore, the softest and most restorative sleep.

3- Invest to save money and be at peace

To reduce your hydro bill and therefore lower your electricity consumption, invest in quality bedding to save money in the long term and give you nights of happiness.

Did you know that you could save 200$ annually by lowering the temperature from 22 to 19 degrees? Yes, that's right! 20/21 degrees during the day, 18 at night, a small change for a big difference.Source: Ecohabitation

It also means that your down will pay for itself within a year! So why not give it a try?

Indeed, with a duvet, your source of comfort and warmth will be in your duvet. With a filling of natural materials, your body's moisture will be evacuated in complete peace of mind and will guarantee optimal warmth to your body.

4- Tips and tricks from Dolce Bianca

We know how difficult it can be for everyone to get to sleep, let alone have a good night's rest. It is worked with time, with trial and error, but here is our little advice:

  • During digestion, the body temperature rises. It's not the right time to get a good night's sleep. Wait at least 3 hours before your last meal.
  • Drink water, again and again (yes, society is really annoying on this subject!!!) but this water allows an excellent regulation of your body temperature, thanks to sweating.
  • A lukewarm shower is always welcome before going to bed in order to soothe the muscles, relax and lower your body temperature.
Prefer natural materials to synthetics (including for your pyjamas!).

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Down is an excellent thermal regulator; light and fluffy, it is also highly breathable and releases all moisture as the night progresses. With its almost sprawling structure, down is the material par excellence, to be adopted very quickly. Certified cruelty-free to animals. 🕊

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The quality of your bed linen is all the more important to evacuate humidity!

Cotton is the ancestral fibre par excellence: well known for its many properties, as much softness as durability, opt for natural sheets that have the ability to "breathe", i.e. to evacuate the moisture created by your body.

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And don't forget to protect your mattress! Moisture is your enemy! Use a mattress protector that is waterproof but allows air to pass through so that you stay dry but also protects your entire bedding.

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We spend more than a third of our lives out of bed, so we might as well cherish this precious place.