Duvet 36
Duvet 36
Duvet 36
Duvet 36
Duvet 36
Duvet 36

Duvet 36

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WINTER OFFER - for cold Canadian nights

Down duvets are preferred on the market: they are light, breathable, soft, warm, and always fresh… They are a safe bet for people who like natural products. 

Down is quite different from feathers: birds grow down, a thin plumage, on their abdomen to protect them from the cold and to evacuate moisture. Down can be recognized by its shape: it looks like a dandelion with its three-dimensional structure. The Duvet 36is exclusive to our DBChezVous Collection, initially sold only to retailers. It is an excellent duvet for winter, providing both incredible warmth and a fascinating fill power. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cloud of happiness.

Duvet 36 down stuffing comes directly from Europe and is certified Down-Pass(animal cruelty-free). It is encased in a 100% cotton shell that provides softness and silkiness in addition to managing humidity. In short, it’s perfect for people looking for a warm, durable, and high fill-power duvet made in Montreal!


European White Down (625+ Fill power) ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads ◆ Sewn-Thru Construction ◆ Thickness 4'' ◆ 200 g/m2

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Down Pass: Traceability of materials, laboratory controlled stuffing, and animal cruelty-free.
Oeko-Tex: Hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested, toxic material-free, and safe for consumers

Washing and care instructions

Focus on cleaning the stain rather than washing your entire bedding.

Learn how to take care of your down in our article here.


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