Children's microgel duvet

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The Microgel Duvet offers the same comfort as a regular duvet, while being the perfect choice for babies and children. Hypoallergenic, anti-mites, and very soft, its microfibre stuffing can be washed without risk of pilling and its cotton shell offers an unequalled comfort.

Ideal for :

◆ All newborns and toddlers

◆ Your child who loves softness

◆ Cleaning after overnight spills

    Specifications :

    Microgel Fiber ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ Sewn-Thru Construction ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Thread count ◆ 300gr/m2


    Oeko-Tex: Hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested, toxic material-free, and safe for consumers

    Washing and care instructions

    Machine wash at 30 degrees, tumble dry on gentle cycle or without heat, do not iron, do not bleach, can also be dry-cleaned.

    Focus on cleaning the stain rather than washing your entire bedding.

    Learn how to take care of your down in our article here.


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