Microfiber duvet
Microfiber duvet
Microfiber duvet
Microfiber duvet
Microfiber duvet
Microfiber duvet

Microfiber duvet

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Microfibre duvets offer a perfect alternative to down. Their synthetic fibers come from a new spinning technology and each microfibre is very fine, 100x finer than a hair, giving it a very soft and silky finish. The microfibre duvet offers the same softness as its down alternative. Very fluffy, it is also easy to maintain because it can be washed and dried easily without the risk of creating clumps. Because of its thinness, it is also an excellent product for people looking for a duvet that manage humidity levels to its maximum during the night.

Ideal for :

◆ People suffering from allergies to natural materials
◆ Those who want a duvet similar to a down duvet
◆ Fluffy duvets enthusiasts


Microfibre ◆ Hypoallergenic ◆ 100% Cotton 233 Threads ◆ Sewn-Thru Construction ◆ 600 gr/m2  ◆ Thickness 2,5''

See our size guide here.


Oeko-Tex : Hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested, toxic material-free, and safe for consumers

Washing and care instructions

Machine wash at 30 degrees, tumble dry on gentle cycle or without heat, do not iron, do not bleach, can also be dry-cleaned.

Focus on cleaning the stain rather than washing your entire bedding.

Learn how to take care of your down in our article here.


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