The Bianca's collection

Bianca's philosophy

In todays’ world, trying to balance our career, our social life, and our day-to-day responsibilities feels so overwhelming, I sometimes ask myself…do we place enough importance on “me time”. Bianca is a duvet and pillow brand that cherishes those “me times”. Its cozy duvets, comfy pillows and sleek bedsheets were created to offer a functional, accessible and timeless bedding collection. This fashion bedding brand pays attention to what materials are used, from where they are used, by people that share our values of respecting workers and the environment. In fact, all raw materials we procure have the oeko-tex standard 100 certification that ensures that fabrics, fibres and down do not contain harmful substances that are dangerous to people or the environment! I seek to move you emotionally, change old habits and create new memories, but above all to make you live the present moment. I am She, I am He, I am Them: I am Bianca and this is for you. La vita è bella

Duvets and pillows

Mainly designed in Montreal in our workshop, immerse yourself in light and puffy bedding in natural or synthetic filling

Duvet covers

From classic percale cotton to the trendy textured cotton, to the softness of velvet, there’s something for every choice.

Percale cotton bedsheets

Available in 8 colours and 4 sizes, made from long, resistant and highly breathable cotton fibers.