DOLCE - duvets and pillows

All the fabric we use is certified Eco-friendly by Oeko-tex. This means that it has been rigorously tested to be free of all harmful chemicals.


The DOLCE brand makes it a point of honour to use the most luxurious components. Duly selected and controlled by independent laboratories, the down used is among the most sumptuous on the market. Coming from Europe and cleaned in Germany, we use a magnificent white down as well as a majestic white goose down, both subject to Down Pass criteria. As an alternative to the natural product, DOLCE offers a meticulously selected and meticulously researched microfibre filling. The components bear the Oeko-Tex label and all products are hypoallergenic. Comfort, warmth, fineness and quality are the guidelines of DOLCE .


Concerned about comfort and in constant search of excellence, the highest fill power factors on the market are found in the DOLCE collection. Indeed, the 680+ fill power is synonymous with great lightness and absolute softness. Nevertheless, DOLCE has taken the definition of luxury and well-being at night to the next level by creating a factor of 850+. Treat yourself to the richest of duvets and make each of your nights a magnificence.


The result of much research and high technology, DOLCE uses a tile wall process for most of its shell structures. Thanks to small movable partitions, called Crab Trap, the down is held in a semi-enclosed space under pressure. This allows the air to circulate independently and guarantees peace of mind without comparison. The hermetic tile method, on the other hand, completely encloses the filling, making it impossible for the down to move around and creating channels of freshness at each seam.


Last but not least, the DOLCE collection is renowned for its finishing touches. The cotton used in the satin weaving is washed beforehand in order to guarantee the stability and solidity of the shell of the duvet and pillow. The lightness, softness and smooth surface, as well as the breathability of the product are guaranteed by the use of 400 thread cotton, always Oeko-Tex certified.

As Leonardo da Vinci said
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. »